Mount Theodore

17 December 2017
jaakuna gemu
with: Sigurlaug Thorarensen

Part of the score that i composed and recorded for the radio play ’Satomis Geheimnis’ was this following cover song.
The great voice belongs to my incredibly talented friend SIGURLAUG THORARENSEN

‘Satomis Geheimnis’, which was written and directed by my wonderful brother JONAS ROTHLAENDER, will be aired by german national broadcasting station SWR2, january 7th, 2018.

22 November 2017
with: Brynja Bjarnadóttir

And how they make you grow..

BRYNJA BJARNADÓTTIR, born in Reykjavík, is a dancer, musician, photographer and all-around genius.
After originally having another track in mind, this is what we improvised and recorded when we met in her current home in Delft, Netherlands.

6 September 2017
Semsvann / Syndin
with: Maja Gravermoen Toresen

. / glemte at han lette etter noe

MAJA GRAVERMOEN TORESEN is an exceptional violinist and singer from Oslo, Norway. We got to know each other when we were opening up a tour with Vil for Einar Stray Orchestra, which is one of the many projects she’s an active part of. Recently we met again to work on a song together – and ended up recording two.

25 June 2017
with: Zachary Jordan Melton

As the shadows sort out their lovers.

ZACHARY JORDAN MELTON is a very fine gentleman, currently based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Further/former projects of his are ‚Snack Mountain‘ and ‚Rodeo Ruby Love‘.

4 April 2017
sad manuals
with: Winterdagen

A rill took your reflection
a thought kept sinking in
sunday washed-out memories
dug a hole into the ground

MINK STEEKELENBURG is a highly talented artist from Rotterdam and part of exciting projects such as Winterdagen and Smudged Toads.
This little piece we made together is a prelude of some sorts– we will meet each other for the first time for an improvised music performance on April 7th when The Travelling Embassy of Rockall embarks to Rotterdam to meet Motel Mozaïque Festival.

10 March 2017
with: Ægir Sindri Bjarnason

Is there a need to talk when the voices of others are so good to listen to?

My best friend ÆGIR SINDRI BJARNASON is a drummer, organizes punk concerts and plays in many many bands in Reykjavík. Currently World Narcosis, Klikk, Logn, and my new favourite Dead Herring.

On April 20th, we will conduct an experiment called ‚tónlist fyrir langlínusamtöl‘ together in Mengi, Reykjavík.

/ the spoken word samples are from Damian Abraham’s glorious ‚Turned Out A Punk‘ podcast (Episode 47 w/ Laura Jane Grace),

29 November 2016
Litli Botn pt.1
with: Maria Bay Bechmann

At the bottom, overhead.

My very dear friend MARIA BAY BECHMANN lives in Aarhus, Denmark. She writes wonderful songs and words (
Together we started a band called Vil.

19 October 2016
with: Einar Stray

Then sometimes we just go out and play. And now here we are, weird and meek and a bit confused, in an interspace, a gap, in some hallway within us.

EINAR STRAY is singing, charming, loving and leading this wonderful little orchestra:

01 August 2016
with: Mikael Lind

How about not always knowing or controlling everything?
Here’s to randomness.

MIKAEL LIND ( is a fabulous composer whose beautiful and atmospherical EP ‘Intentions and Variations‘ was released by Morr Music in spring 2016.

04 July 2016
Les images
with: Sigurlaug Thorarensen & Telma Pil Jespersen

There are unknown spaces that listen to you, there’s an unobtrusive amount of familiarity in the moment that you enter them.

At some point I left the room, came back one or two hours later and SIGURLAUG THORARENSEN & TELMA PIL JESPERSEN had done magic to a song.

04 May 2016
with: Dušan Đurović / Nervni Bolesnici
Artwork (thanks!): Heiðrún Viktorsdóttir

Hi. We’re two hyperactive kids.

An intriguing and exhilarating character, DUŠAN ĐUROVIĆ often comes in pairs, recently while working with drummer Shotaro Yamamoto or with long-time collaborator Filip Ferdinandi as Nervni Bolesnici.

04 February 2016
superclásico melancholy o domingo azul
with: Adriana Berroterán

Ama en otro idioma, habla en lenguas, toca la gloria, viaja con humildad.
A blue sunday in Buenos Aires.

ADRIANA BERROTERÁN works with magic, movies, and music –

06 October 2015
Little Haverman
with: Fanny Henriette Rieber


FANNY HENRIETTE RIEBER is an artist, draws, paints, creates ghetto waffle rockets, plays the cello and sings with a healing voice:

06 September 2015
with: Maria Bay Bechmann

du ved det ikke selv, men du visner lige så stille
bare giv slip, bare stå fast, bare vær her, stol på kaos

First, I trusted the advice of a dear mutual friend, then I listened to a song called ‚Vand der finder vej‘ ( and thought about doing a song together with someone I (still) hadn’t met in person – and in the end I was overly glad when receiving an email from MARIA BAY BECHMANN from Copenhagen with vocal recordings for a song that we decided to call ‚Tristan‘.

03 June 2015
Old Souls From Different Epochs
with: Chris Leo

But with our pasts exposed, we see we still don’t fit.

When I met him for the first time some years ago, I felt I just got to know a real bohemian gentleman. Considering the pure grandness of his bands The Lapse, The Van Pelt and Vague Angels, I felt pretty honoured that CHRIS LEO lend me his words & voice for a Mount Theodore song.

06 May 2015
Vinurinn of góði
with: Katrín Helga Andrésdóttir / Reykjavíkurdætur
video (also by Katrín Helga Andrésdóttir):

Augun mín og augun þín.

KATRÍN HELGA ANDRÉSDÓTTIR might be one of Reykjavík’s most active artists these days. She’s stirring things up with Reykjavíkurdætur and Hljómsveitt, supporting the marvelous and important matter of feminism. Another project of hers that’s definitely worth paying attention to is called Kriki. Listen to their song ‚Svefn‘ (

29 April 2015
Stadt Rand Fluss
with: Thomas Götz

Arbeitstitel Jonathan Anton Emil Klein. – Stadt, wo hörst Du auf? Und hörst Du überhaupt?

THOMAS GÖTZ is a drummer, a singer, a punk, a part of three favourite bands of mine (Beatsteaks / Ninamarie / Einerbande) and runs the world’s most friendly one-man record company, Tomatenplatten. Moreover, he is a very very good human being.

22 January 2015
in a roadhouse, waiting
with: Niall Michael Joseph Gahagan

I gazed out the window for nothing in particular.
‚Those who‘, she said…

Of the three Glaswegians I know, NIALL GAHAGAN is the most heartily and mysterious one. Please find his work here:

10 December 2014
The Sentimental Turn
with: Jóhann Kristinsson

In the middle of the intersection, the city feels different.

My friend JÓHANN KRISTINSSON has a most soothing voice, is a genius chess player and will be my favourite opera singer. Make sure to listen to his music:

17 November 2014
The Arc
with: Rudi Maier

A waltz downtown / a historic collapse / a late great planet / a track and a train.

RUDI MAIER is one half of Bavaria’s best band The Dope ( and also just started a new and solo project: Burkini Beach ( I like the name, the beard and first of all that demo that I was allowed to listen to.

(still deciphering my own bad handwriting; might take some more time…)


Mount Theodore
is not too serious,
but currently exploring boredom,
silence and outer space.

Mount Theodore
stares at traffic lights,
and lies on wooden floors;
gets lost somewhere,

Mount Theodore
likes the lights of cars
passing by at night.

Mount Theodore
is a journal in songs,
a journey with guests,
a diary of bedroom-recordings,
featuring a different
guest each entry.
mounttheodore (at)
– leave a message should you want to receive a Mount Theodore newsletter once in a blue moon.
Julius Rothlaender
November 2014